What we do

We are a small indie gaming company. We are developing games for different platforms. Currently there is an Android Game (Punch It) and VR Game (Odania Sports Arena) released.

There are also some quite old projects still available. You can take a look at one of the first browser games Planetech or the Online Game Community.

We want to take you on an epic journey with out upcoming games. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter


I love developing since i was young. It started with the C64 a long time ago.

Now i still love developing. And i love gaming. That is why i released one of the first browser games around 2000.

Later i worked at InnoGames on Lagoonia and Elvenar.

I still love gaming so i started to write some games again. This time it will be a VR game in Unity.


I am working together with several other people. But they currently remain secret.