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Architectural Consulting

System landscapes and architectures of companies are changing. They have often grown over many years and are therefore difficult to keep track of. The consequences are high maintenance costs and increasingly poor expandability. With our experience in the field of software architecture, we help to find tailor-made solutions for your system landscapes and to avoid such problems. We attach particular importance to stability, expandability, complexity reduction of software architectures and reduction of operating expenses. We never lose sight of the costs. Regardless of whether you are revising old systems, planning new landscapes or migrating to the cloud - our experts have a solution for you.

Software Development

Mapping new business processes and business requirements using standard software is often just as difficult as it is time-consuming. Individual software solutions are often better suited to satisfying the specific needs and requirements of companies. Instead of tedious and complex customizing of standard software, we implement software tailored to your requirements so that your company becomes more innovative, faster and more successful. In which language? As with the selection of all technologies, our priority is that in the end a product is created that meets your requirements! Whether the implementation takes place in Typescript, Ruby, Go, Java or other languages is therefore of secondary importance to us!

Platform Development

Individual software solutions are able to implement specific requirements exactly. However, if the underlying infrastructure is not set up efficiently, high operating costs quickly arise. These bind your valuable resources in operation instead of investing them in the further development of your software. So that free capacities can be used for new innovations, we work with you to build tailor-made platforms that meet your individual needs. We help you to find the right platform to keep your innovative edge over your competition! We pay attention to a high degree of automation, scalability and good maintainability. In this context, the decisive factor for us is the selection of suitable technologies and their correct use. Whether it's serverless, highly scalable databases or automated deployments in minutes — we know the technologies and develop tailor-made solutions for your business.


More and more new technologies are entering the market — it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track.

With questions like

How do certain technologies work?


What added value can this create for me?

we are very familiar.

So that you too can familiarize yourself with new topics, we offer you tailor-made coaching and workshops on topics such as AWS, serverless or infrastructure automation with terraform.

Our coaching sessions are solution-oriented formats with which we want to increase your performance. That is why we deal individually with your personal questions.

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